The Books

I write because I’m a writer. And I’m a writer because I LOVE to write. Across myriad topics, and in every imaginable medium-including in my ever-wandering-mind. Books, however, are perhaps my favorite iterations of this passion. I’ve published two so far, and a third is pending. I think I love them so much because I can tell the stories in their fullest manifestation. All the little moments of magic that make up the bigger stories come together in a way that allows me to share the richness of the experiences, ideas, characters and plot lines.

You can get in on the deep-dive versions of my personal story and my ideas with a copy of your own.

I was gifted with a uniquely powerful experience, the kind that changes everything. The devastating motorcycle accident that left my body a broken mess, also brought me a whole, new beautiful life. This is that story.

A lot of incredible, wise, beautiful souls helped me create a life I love. And I wanted to share their wisdom. So, for your reading and spiritual-growth-pleasure… here it is.

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