Make Yourself MAGIC

You are magic. You really are. You can have a life of wealth, love, and JOY. And you can give it to yourself. It’s as easy as changing your perspective. It worked for me. But I was lucky; I had the guidance of many wise souls to help me realize my struggles had more to do with my perspective than any outside circumstance. My teachers gifted me with a variety of tools to help me change my perspective – and my reality. This book is chock full of their wisdom, and the powerful tools I used to create a life I love, the life I’m living. And now those tools are in your hands too. Enjoy.

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What others are saying:

Jaclyn’s writing is relatable, concepts that seem so simple as you read them, as though you’ve known all along that these words were within you. Her messages are profound and sink right in. I’m a true fan of her work.

Holly C.

I am loving this book. Very open and honest!