The Me I Was

Sometimes, people are gifted with awe-some experiences. I was one of them. The devastating motorcycle accident that left my body a broken mess, also brought me a whole, new beautiful life. This is that story.

Jaci was just 26 years old and already exhausted by the sheer act of living, of correcting the mistakes her wild youth had made when she was thrown from the back of a motorcycle into the side of a truck, and run over by the bobcat laden trailer in tow. Now with a badly mangled body and her future pulled out from under her, Jaci finds herself alone, facing a life she doesn’t want to live in a body she cannot love.

The Me I Was narrates her quest to return to normal, a journey into herself where she finds her version of God, a hefty dose of gratitude, and true, deep joy.

Ms. Lanae’s first book has been published, and has already earned rave reviews. If you would like to have a copy of your own, choose from one of the formats below.

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The Me I Was Cover-Rally

Praise for The Me I Was

“Frankly, I’m not a reader. The book has to be super good to keep my interest, I get bored, distracted. Find myself thinking about other things, then having to reread whole chapters because I have no clue what I just read. Anyway. I read your book…. in less than 12 hours. And that’s only because I had an early appointment last night, so I had to force myself to put it down, and sleep. It was an amazing read. I loved reading it. It was SO GOOD. And I can relate on so mane levels.” ~Amanda

This book had me hooked from the first chapter. Jaclyn does an amazing job of telling the story of her tragic accident juxtaposed against the story of her life leading up to the accident. It’s beautifully written, engaging, and if anything, too short! The stories of her navigating life in her early 20s are funny and relatable, and the chapters about her accident will give you goosebumps. I’ve bought two copies and lent out one already! Jaci has lived enough already to fill multiple novels, and I’d read all of them!

Alyson A.

“I checked out your book from the Library. Read it in 36 hours. Loved it.” ~Judy

” Wanted to let you know that my book club met to discuss your book! It was a lively and complimentary discussion of the book as a whole. They were very impressed that you “put it out there”. Everyone agreed that the style you used to tell the story, the ease with which the book moves from past to present, and your use of language is quite exceptional. All agreed you are a talented writer with a bright future and are interested in what’s next for you. One of the members commented in an email that it was probably our best book meeting (we’ve been a group for over 20 years).” ~Janet

I found this book hard to put down. It was a compelling story. I cried and laughed out loud! I would recommend this book to anyone! It was great!

Amazon Customer

“I just want to share with you how much I enjoyed your heartfelt account of your life’s experiences. The portions about your accident, hospital experience, and recovery are riveting. The revelations you experienced about your life in general following that huge event caused personal reflections for me. Thank you for that. ” ~Jane

“Just wanted to let you know that The Me I Was book was amazing and you are an amazing woman!!! Thank you for writing and living it!” ~ K

I love a book that keeps me so intrigued I can’t put it down. This is that kind of book. It is a “true story” of healing, forgiveness, searching, growth, faith, hope and love. Jaclyn is an excellent writer of suspense. She titillates the reader with pieces of the puzzle of her life until she reveals the whole story. She lets us into her inner chamber. Thank you Jaci for writing this uplifting book.