Ok, so the real truth is that I have an agenda… in addition to my love for books and writing, I REALLY like to throw parties! Particularly ones that include wine, chocolate, and shopping (locally, of course!). 2020 will be my 8th annual (!!) chocolate, wine, and shopping event – aptly named Chocopalooza (courtesy of my incredibly creative little sister).

The event has been a tremendous success (because who doesn’t love at least ONE of those decadent things?!) and every year a portion of the proceeds are donated to a local non-profit organization. Everybody who comes gets to walk around with a glass of wine or cup of coffee, enjoying a little taste of all the goodies from each of the local goodie-makers, shopping local businesses and artisans for Valentines Day, and contributes to a good cause while they do it. What’s more fun than good chocolate for a good cause?! I say, almost nothing. And, just for attending, you have the chance to win a door prize, donate some funds to our cause of choice for the year, and get extra chances to win!


There’s (usually) a chocolate fountain and all kinds of other good fun to be had.


Chocopalooza 2020 will take place at the Dahl Fine Arts Center in Rapid City on Saturday, the 8th of February from 11am – 6pm so get your friends together and make a night of it!


2020’s list of vendors is growing FAST! But I want to save a little taste for later, so keep up with our Facebook page to see who is coming to share their goodies!

I throw other events too, help with planning, provide consultation services and the like, so if you’d like more information on Chocopalooza (or any other event planning things), please email me at