Marketing Services

I wanted to be a writer and public speaker long before I could ever have actually owned the titles. And, since eating and coffee were still high priorities, I took work in the marketing industry. In addition to discovering a taste for the lively agency environments (ok, ok… tense. demanding. awesome. rewarding. educational. I could go on, but you get the point.) I found I truly enjoyed the chance to tell a company’s story. I also developed an eye for design, a solid understanding of software, and unearthed a previously under appreciated skill I’ve had since college; organization.

While I no longer grace the coffee machine corner of an agency, I still enjoy the work. If you’d like to team up and see what we can do for your small business or organization, let me know.  Email me at

White Plume Hemp Company

Sojourn Vacation Rentals and Flats

Black Hills Regional Homeless Coalition

Lakota War Pony Races

Lynn Carter Beauty

Guided Winds Healing

Grounded Touch Massage

Diane Knutson’s Dark Skies project

A Guided Touch Massage

Kjerstad Insurance

A Positive Life Coach

Glen Sylvan