Meet the Artist

img_2185.jpgI’ve been crafting stories all my life. As a little girl I dreamed up complex characters, created dramatic backstories for them, and sent them running around in my imagination so I could watch them live. I never considered making a career out of it though until that funny little thing happened to me. Ok, that big, huge, crazy, scary, wonderful thing. The motorcycle accident. THE accident.

As you may know I genuinely consider it one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given – I’ve even come to love my misshapen legs and massive scars. The real gift though was in the way it changed me, the way it changed how I was living my life.

Life here on this plane can be hard. And immensely beautiful. After that accident I finally understood I wanted to live a life I would LOVE – once I figured out what that would look like – and help others do the same. I wanted to LOVE myself, and once I figured that out, I wanted to share it too. So. Here I am. Writing. Living. Sharing. And loving it.

If you’d like to read about the accident, you can find it here.