Spiritual Arts

I had a funny little thing happen to me a long time ago. An accident. THE accident. In retrospect, it wasn’t particularly funny. It wasn’t a particularly little thing either. But it did completely change me. Not into a different person, but into a different (Better. WAY better.) version of myself.

I LOVE to tell all the amazing stories of what happened in that experience and I love to share what I learned as I grew out of it because of the way it changed me. I love it when people connect to my story, my change in perspective, and – if you think I could – I would LOVE to help you too.

I love to help people love their lives.

I love to talk, I love to listen, I love to analyze. I love to help people understand themselves and their lives. I love to help people deepen their love for others – and particularly for themselves. I love to help people become the versions of themselves they always dreamed they’d be.

That’s why I write, and it’s why I published the book.

If you’d like to get together for a cup of something delicious and tell someone all the stuff that drives you nuts, ask all the questions Google can’t answer, talk through all the random thoughts that are bumping around in your head… If you’d like me to speak at your event, organize a workshop, or teach a class… get in touch.

Email AuthorJaclynLanae@gmail.com.