Spiritual Arts

Leading people to ever greater depths of self understanding and joy in their personal lives has long been the true purpose behind my work – and my life, if I’m honest.

For the first 20 years or so of my career, I felt wildly unqualified – or at least under-qualified – to plainly and honestly make that statement.

As I’ve embraced my fourth decade on the planet, however, I’ve come to realize that this is my true calling.

And I think I’ve finally been through enough shit to claim some knowledge on the subjects of personal and spiritual growth.

So if you’re facing some shit – or if you’ve been slogging through the muck for what feels like forever – reach out. Join one of our workshops or personalized one-on-one classes where you’ll learn all the tools and resources and insights that have been shared with me over the years. Are you ready to LOVE your life?

Guide me to JOY!

If you want the focused support of personal one-on-one attention – from someone that is NOT a doctor or trained counselor, but has packed a least a couple lifetimes of shit-survival into her 40-ish years… and learned quite a lot from very highly evolved souls… fill out the form below and we’ll chat about how I can best support you.


If, however, you’re the kind of person that likes to learn and grow in a community setting, we’re also offering workshops with the same intention: inspire each other to see ourselves and our lives differently, fundamentally grow, and bring more JOY in our lives.

Join us on Patreon where I pour my heart out about the challenges of life – both mine personally (especially now that I’m living in a third world country) and those of all the other beautiful souls trapped in human bodies. There’s a lot of nitty-gritty personal shit in there. And some swearing. (Though that’s actually true of all my work. You’ve been warned.) But the goal is – and has always been – to inspire you. And in building a community there together, we can all inspire each other.

Or follow the podcast where I conduct a more pointed exploration of how I am personally navigating my own path, employing any and all the tools I come across. I’m talking meditation, astrology, mental re-programming exercises, old witch-y rituals and spells… A N Y thing and everything.

It’s free, of course, and the intention is the same: come together to share the ways we can create better lives for ourselves.