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While I am not paid for the content you will find on this website, there is one exception: I am a Madera Brand Ambassador. Because I believe passionately in this brand, in what they’re doing for the world. Seriously. It’s awesome. They sell outdoor gear. Ok, yeah, lots of places do that. But they give back too. And, yes lots of places do that as well. But here’s the thing, these guys give back in a way that has huge, far reaching impacts.

They plant two trees for every hammock sold – because, you know, ‘hammocks need trees!’. They educate farmers in Africa to raise trees sustainably – supporting the good of the planet. And, in turn, supporting the local environment. Farmers get fruits and nuts and wood from the trees to sell at local markets, supporting themselves. And in exchange for spreading the word about Madera, Ambassadors get a little commission when our friends and families buy awesome outdoor gear from them, supporting us! Oh, and they also plant trees for all the other products they sell – because, like I said, they’re awesome. (Go check out all the details on the Madera Website.) So, you can see why I’m an ambassador.

IMG_2220This incredible little company has built a system that supports the planet, supports sustainability, supports families in poverty, and supports brand ambassadors (like me!) – and their customers get to “Camp like they give a damn.” If you’d like to shop for all manner of outdoor awesome, support Madera, and support ME while you do it (THANK YOU, by the way!), click here.